Bishounen of the Month... Meet our boys!

Oppa, our Mr. June
It's 2016 and to commemorate our 15th birthday, we are featuring one of our lovely Bishounen each month here, exclusively at Come back here every month on the 15th to learn about another of our boys and keep track of previous months' gentlemen! This month, we have...
Mr. June: Oppa

Mr. May: Waru

Mr. April: Zerk

Mr. March: Dai

Mr. February: Sporkbot

Mr. January: Gunnbjorn

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Thank you for showing interest in becoming a YaoiCon 2016 bishounen! You've made the first move towards joining a unique cadre of performers who have joined together to form an internationally recognized show, something special and wonderful. YaoiCon bishounen - or "bishies" - are more than just your average con attendee, cosplayer, or volunteer. The gentlemen who are selected as bishies not only cosplay for the convention, but actually strip down to their underwear for it, often getting up close and personal with attendees. When you become a bishounen, you help make YaoiCon a one-of-a-kind convention. Applications are now open, so please apply here!

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