BishounenCon is coming to the East Coast!

Born from the boys love-obsessed minds of YaoiCon's management, BishounenCon is the first and only yaoi+ East Coast convention. What's "yaoi+"? Pronounced "yaoi plus", it means we've taken our love of yaoi to the next level and with BishounenCon have focused on LGBT characters and romantic relationships in comics, cartoons, television, and more from all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and (of course) Japan and the United States. Specifically an 18+ convention, BishounenCon delights attendees with a broad spectrum of fan-centric programming geared toward the classy and debonair.

The Hotel Room Block is OPEN
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...until Yaoi-Con 2016!
Meet our beautiful boy mascots, Chardonnay (left) and Cassis!

The mascot artist Tatouji (portfolio, deviantart, pixiv, twitter, facebook) will be at YaoiCon so you can see even more of her great work! This year, YaoiCon and BishounenCon will share mascots, so look for more imagery of them on both websites.

Theme Announced!
Several people have asked about our theme this year, and we're proud to announce for our 15th birthday, we'll be hosting a Steampunk YaoiCon. Don't know what steampunk is? Read all about it on Wikipedia. Closely related concepts are Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian era styles. Whip out your monocles and dig up your old clocks and gears. Steampunk YaoiCon, here we come.

Remember, badges are on sale; get 'em while they're hot! General Weekend badges are $55 and are available through August 1, after which they'll go up to $65, so purchase now to save $10. Please check in the Attendee drop down menu (above) for more information about registration.